About us

Sewing-Sanctuary sells quality fabrics, Haberdashery, Bag making accessories, zips and much more. Sarah, who is the Sewing-Sanctuary founder, designs her own fabrics and creative sewing patterns. Our laminated fabric is a specialty for us, this is high quality and easy to work with. Currently, we are focused on Bio laminated fabric (aka. PUL), this is waterproof and can be washed in a washing machine at 30 or 40 degree Celsius. It has proven to be a very popular product and can be used to make rainwear, food bags and many other things.  We can offer you much more and we would like to share our quality fabrics with you, please browse our shop for inspiration.

Our story

Sewing-Sanctuary was created by Sarah Patterson out of the love of making things, from bags to clothes to toys. Her love of sewing came from her mother who was extremely talented, a ‘perfectionist’ you might say. Sarah has taken this and combined art and design with creativity.

Sarah has so much passion to create beautiful pieces using quality fabrics and she has set up a sewing school for those that also share her desire to sew. With her sewing knowledge, she can take you from a beginner to an avid expert maker of beautiful things.

Sewing-Sanctuary, is part of Sark Partnership LTD., and sells a huge variety of carefully selected and quality fabrics from South Korea as well as other designer prints, plains, vintage and more. All products are made using high quality tools and accessories with the end goal making them to last. For special occasions, If you would like a custom-made product from our pattern range with a fabric of your choice then contact us with your requirements.