Two tone face mask free pattern

Two tone mask dpf pattern

The new Covid variant is more transmissible,

This means we need to be even more vigilant in our wearing of masks and in the effectiveness of our face covering. There are two common complaints about mask wearing, breathability and fogging up of glasses.
We have come up with a new mask design that helps reduce fogging, we use our bio-laminate fabric which is waterproof, breathable and machine washable. This material is used as a strip at the top of the outer fabric, while breathable, airflow through is quite restricted and therefore breath exhaled will naturally go out through the larger bottom area and not up to fog the glasses. It should be noted that a metal strip should also be used to hold the mask closer to the nose.
Keep safe.
Any material between us and the outside World will reduce breathability unless we fully cover our mouth and nose and then they are useless to both you and all the people you meet. Wearing them on your chin protects nobody and under your nose is not much better.
Breathability, each layer in your mask increases the filtration special filter fabrics are designed with smaller pore sizes and are more effective than cotton or Jersey fabric alone. 
We sell two grades of filter, the standard SB filter is one layer of material and when inserted within a cotton mask improves filtration and therefore protection massively.
The second filter we sell is the MB filter that is medical grade, it is three layers of material bonded together, this provides maximum protection for you and all around you, however, airflow is more restricted.
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